For the procurement of fish raw materials, the company turns to certified suppliers that are attentive to sustainability, both in terms of maintaining the fish stock and marine ecosystem, and in terms of fishing methods. Where possible we purchase raw materials certified according to the standards of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the most important global organization in terms of sustainable fishing.

The method of fishing and supply play a very important role in safeguarding the oceans and their resources. It is therefore essential to comply with precise rules that guarantee responsible fishing for the future of the oceans. Precisely for this reason, fishing must be sustainable and so there must be a balance between the resources and the quantities caught in order to ensure that the stock can reproduce and the activity of catching fish can continue over time for future generations.

For 160 years the sea has been for us commitment and passion but also and above all respect. We are aware of the fact that the future is the result of the choices that are made every day and for this reason, we are committed with all our strength to protect the natural resources of the oceans and seas, preserving them for future generations.


Medusa is committed to starting a process of reducing the use of non-recyclable plastic in its packaging. As early as 2018, it has replaced in the packaging line of self-service formats (round and square formats) the use of non-recyclable plastic trays with new 100% recyclable PET single-material packaging This material can be reused to breathe new life into plastic. We also favor the use of packaging made with plastic material from separate waste collection. Where possible, we use 100% recyclable paper packaging (fried and cooked line).


The company believes in the importance of applying a circular economy modelattentive to the reduction of waste and projected towards the reuse and recycling of materials and natural resources. In Medusa, organic waste returns to being a raw material for zootechnical uses, while paper and plastic are separated in order to be properly recycled.

We have decided to commit ourselves on all fronts to promote the reduction of waste, from the reduction of energy consumption, to the reduction of the impact of emissions deriving from production activities, up to the optimization of storage and transport activities. Even in the design phase of new packaging, we pay particular attention to sustainability, favoring recyclable materials or materials from separate collection.

reduction of waste


We have always collaborated with the Banco Alimentare through donations to provide concrete aid to the most needy families, especially in recent particularly difficult years.

For some years we have been supporting CUAMM, which is the first NGO in the health field recognized in Italy and the largest Italian organization for the promotion and protection of the health of African populations. In particular, we donate a percentage of our turnover to the needy populations of Mozambique. The production plant is located in Ariano nel Polesine in the province of Rovigo and represents a reference reality for about 200 families in the area. The company makes full use of direct staff who favor long-lasting contracts that guarantee business continuity, professionalism and economic security in an area that is not particularly fortunate in terms of economic activities.