The qualityof Medusa

Quality at the center. For us at Medusa, the search for quality has always been the driving force behind every activity.

The constant search for quality – which has always driven Medusa’s business – starts with the careful selection of raw materials, and even before with the choice of suppliers. For this reason, the Regnoli family personally takes care of this crucial phase of the business by purchasing directly from the source in the fishing spots.

According to the different fish species, we select the most suitable sizes to obtain the best texture and an intact fragrance, which are the guarantee for a high level organoleptic result.

The incoming raw materials must pass very strict controls which, in addition to organoleptic, colour, odour and size checks, also include chemical-physical and microbiological analyses. This is the strict Medusa standard!

For example, the squid must have a beautiful white color that reflects the freshness of the product, the cuttlefish must always have the tuft attached, the mussels must be free of byssus and the mackerel must be fished only at a certain time of the year to guarantee the absence of eggs.

Furthermore, the processing changes according to the type of fish product and its origin: in the case of anchovies, for example, we use local raw materials, coming from the northern and central Adriatic seafarers, processed very fresh after lowering the temperature, while for the fish species of oceanic origin, in particular molluscs and crustaceans, we use frozen raw materials immediately after fishing.
Thethreading and cutting phases involve the use of particularly expert operators who make this operation extremely artisanal.

Another moment in which the company’s high level of know-how comes into play is that related to the cooking process. Each fish product – which can vary in size, origin and fishing period – is processed individually to respect the correct cooking times. This meticulous attention allows the Quality Department to obtain the best organoleptic result.

Did you know that octopus can take up to over an hour of cooking before becoming tender and soft but that this timing varies according to the origin of origin?

In addition to the search for quality, our attention is focused on food safety, guaranteed by a process control system carried out by the Internal Quality Control Laboratory and by scrupulous respect for the cold chain.

The company has a strict self-control plan that provides for full compliance with current European regulations on heavy metals and pesticides.
Furthermore, all our products, before being packaged, are subjected to a scrupulous passage in the latest generation metal detector to intercept any residual hooks.

The marinating process that the company uses today is the result of years of experience that have allowed the development of particularly light and fresh recipes. The raw material is placed in large containers in a slightly acidic solution, where an osmosis reaction starts, or the exchange between solution and water, through the penetration of the solution inside the product and the escape of the aqueous part. When there is no longer this step, the product is ready: this phase can last from 4 to 48 hours, depending on the intensity of taste you want to give the finished product.

The preparation of the marinating liquid, consisting of a light base of vinegar, aromatic herbs and salt, takes place scrupulously cold, even the oil, before being added to the products, is rigorously cooled. The cold chain is therefore safeguarded throughout the transformation process.

Our recipes are constantly improved to emphasize the taste and aroma of the raw material in the constant safeguarding of product safety.

In the company we use over 20 different recipes for our marinades and there is one that is handed down from generation to generation whose composition is jealously guarded by the property; recipe that has remained unchanged throughout the company’s 160-year history.

From raw material to packaging to transport and delivery, everything takes place in compliance with thehighest sanitary standards. In addition to internal control, the company makes use of a network of external laboratories to carry out the most complex analyses in an intensive and planned manner. There are over 35,000 checks that we carry out every year.

The company has the main certifications in the food sector: BRC and IFS for the product quality system. Furthermore, every year it proudly passes dozens of checks by the main Italian and European retailers.