Commitment and passion every day to guarantee the consumer always the best: quality, goodness of the products and respect for the territory.

Taste andinnovation

Every day our research and development team studies and elaborates new recipes, new combinations and new products to best meet the modern needs of the market.

Attention is paid not only to the careful selection of raw materials, but also and above all to the search for goodness and taste in order to obtain excellent products both from an organoleptic and nutritional point of view.

Thanks to experimental cooking, our gastronomes and technologists face new challenges every day, stimulated by continuous improvement.
The Medusa Lab is a real incubator of gastronomic ideas and experiments, all aimed at organoleptic excellence.

How should the “taste” be according to Medusa? For us, a good product must have a homemade flavor and recall the authenticity of our grandmothers’ recipes. At Medusa we offer ready-made and delicious products that can be eaten as they are or that can be characterized by a personal touch.


Quality at the center. For us at Medusa, the search for quality has always been the driving force behind every activity.

And quality means first of all careful selection of the best raw materials and even before suppliers, a crucial phase that the Regnoli family still personally follows today, sourcing directly from the source in the fishing spots. Threading and cutting, carried out by the expert hands of our operators, together with the delicate and accurate cooking, represent the crucial phases of the production process. . From raw material to packaging and up to delivery, everything takes place in compliance with the highest sanitary standards, guaranteeing maximum food safety. . We carry out more than 35,000 checks every year!


It all began with the eel, salt and vinegar. Three simple ingredients that give riseto a history spanning over 160 years in the Po Delta area.

Eel is a strongly characteristic fish of the Comacchio Valleys, where it has been fished and consumed for centuries, but above all where it is stored for long periods of time, thanks to the help of two other typical ingredients: salt and vinegar. At the time of the Duchy of Ferrara, the need arose to preserve eel for the whole year, as fishing was concentrated in autumn, when, without too much effort, fishermen exploited the migratory movements of eels. Thus was born the marinating technique.

Today eel and aquadella are processed with the same care and attention as in the past. The craft of the artisans is handed down from generation to generation. To respect tradition, the prevalence of our workers is female, testifying to the skill and craftsmanship placed in the workings of today as in the past. But not only traditional products, today anchovies fished in the nearby port of Chioggia, mackerel and any other fish raw material are also handcrafted in the factory.