Cesare Regnoli & Figlio Srl, has developed, implemented and adopted an Organization, Management and Control Model suitable in order to prevent crimes from being committed by directors, employees and subjects subject to management and supervision of the Company, in the interest or advantage of the same. The Organization, Management and Control Model responds to the requirements deriving from the provisions of Legislative Decree 231 of 8 June 2001 regarding the criminal liability regime against legal persons, for a list of crimes described by the same Legislative Decree.
The Organization, Management and Control Model was therefore developed to ensure that there are always conditions of transparency and fairness in the performance of all company activities; compliance with these conditions is verified both by internal functions and above all by a Supervisory Body set up and appointed for the purpose.
Cesare Regnoli & Son S.r.l. has also adopted a Code of Ethics which identifies and communicates to all interested parties, in particular customers, consumers, suppliers and collaborators, the values and principles of behavior which inspire it and which it considers essential in carrying out the own activities.